Strategic Planning

Case Study: Leveraging a Strategic Plan

The Need: A conservation organization was struggling with its desire to grow, professionalize its programs, and secure enough funds each year to support its ambitious restoration, advocacy, and education programs.

The Solution: Elizabeth identified the organization’s root challenge as a need for a comprehensive, implementable strategic plan that would not only address programmatic goals and “wish lists,” but would also establish targets for the organizational growth required over the long term. Elizabeth worked closely with the board and staff to assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, identify programmatic and administrative goals, and create a realistic, three-year plan to grow the organization’s programs, volunteer base, board, communications tools, and funding base. The plan focused heavily on achieving specific steps required to meet longer-term goals, establishing time frames for accomplishments, and delegating tasks to specific parties to ensure the plan would be enacted. Elizabeth also led the organization through a highly successful implementation of the plan, including biannual confirmation of staff and committee progress toward goals. As a result, the organization’s fundraising increased rapidly and significantly, as stronger, more strategic programs paved the way to securing greater financial support.